External dependencies

Download files

Used to download files from an arbitrary URL. This can download headers, shared/static libraries, and sources.

url = "https://my/url/something.zip"
incdir = "include"
libs = ["mylib"]
libdir = "libpath"

That tells robotpy-build:

  • To download the zipfile at that URL

  • Anything in the “include” directory will be extracted to the include path for the wrapper

  • Libraries will be searched in the “libpath” directory (default is “”)

  • The shared library “mylib” will be linked to the python module being built

Maven artifacts

Used to download artifacts from a maven repository. This can download headers, shared libraries, and sources.

artifact_id = "mything"
group_id = "com.example.thing"
repo_url = "http://example.com/maven"
version = "1.2.3"

When robotpy-build downloads an artifact from a maven repo, it will unpack it into a temporary directory and add the relevant directories to your package’s include/library paths. Additionally, any headers will automatically be copied into your wheel so that other packages can utilize them when linking to your wheel.

For development purposes, you can download/extract the files locally by running python3 setup.py build_dl.

See also

Reference for all MavenLibDownload options


It’s possible that the archive format is specific to FIRST Robotics. If you’re trying to use this and it isn’t working, file a bug on github!

For FIRST Robotics related projects, the metadata for maven_lib_download can be found in a vendor JSON file.