Platform-specific considerations


We have successfully used crossenv to cross-compile python modules. For an example set of dockerfiles used to compile for the RoboRIO platform, see the robotpy-cross-docker project.


macOS handles library files differently than Windows or Linux. In particular, macOS will not automatically find and link libraries at runtime. Rather, libraries need to be explicitly linked beforehand. On Linux/Windows, if your dependency is not specified explcitly, but you import the dependency before importing your package, it often works without complaining. This is not the case on OSX.

This presents a special challenge when repackaging libraries to be shipped in wheels, particularly when linking to libraries installed by other wheels. robotpy-build provides automatic relinking support for libraries that are installed via other robotpy-build created wheels, provided that you specify your dependencies explcitly.

External libraries required must always be defined by depends, even if they are indirect dependencies.

depends = ["ntcore"]

If you forget an external dependency, the library won’t load and a linking error will occur at runtime when your package is imported.