robotpy-build has some useful command line tools that can be executed via python3 -m robotpy_build TOOLNAME. On OSX/Linux, it is also installed as the robotpy-build script which can be executed directly.


This tool is designed to make it easy to populate the generate key for your python package.

This will scan all of your defined includes directories (including those of downloaded artifacts) and output something you can paste into the generate key of pyproject.toml.


This will parse your defined generate items (generate key of pyproject.toml) and output yaml for them in the directory defined by generation_data. By default it will just print the file contents to stdout.

Use the --write argument to write the files, but it won’t overwrite existing files.


Given a base package and a compiled module within that package, this will generate contents that contain all of the things exported by the compiled module. Often it is useful to put this in the of your python package.

$ python -m robotpy_build create-imports rpydemo rpydemo._rpydemo