robotpy-build is a build dependency, not a runtime dependency – in otherwords, you only need it to build binary wheels. Once you have a wheel, the wheel is usable without robotpy-build

Supported platforms

robotpy-build requires Python 3.6 to be installed. Our integration tests are ran on Ubuntu 18.04, OSX, and Windows.

  • Linux and Windows are expected to work in almost any case

  • OSX should work, but when depending on shared libraries there are some cases where relinking doesn’t work

To compile the generated code created by robotpy-build, you must have a modern C++ compiler that is supported by pybind11.


robotpy-build is distributed on pypi and is installable via pip.

On Linux/OSX, you can install with the following command:

$ pip3 install robotpy-build

On Windows, you can install via:

py -3 -m pip install robotpy-build


pybind11 is a header-only C++ library that robotpy-build leverages to easily bind together Python and C++ code. All robotpy-build projects are built using a bundled version of pybind11, which is typically a bleeding edge version of pybind11 with custom patches that have not been accepted upstream yet.


robotpy-build does not use the pybind11 package distributed on pypi.